Aloha, little skinny dipper!

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You deserve an awesome mug.

14 ounces of awesome to be exact!

We are coffee and tea snobs and prefer to drink our carefully selected, high quality brew out of an artisanal vessel with a perfect handle. A great brew served in an awesome mug becomes a daily ritual with the potential to foster peace around your breakfast table, your morning meeting, and maybe even your community. Start your day off with your favorite hot beverage in an awesome mug and watch your day fall into place.   

Our stoneware is hand thrown on a potter's wheel by REAL ARTISANS. No two are exactly alike. The clay is sourced from mines in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Our stoneware is lead free, food safe, and also microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe. 

Our friends at Deneen Pottery made these awesome pottery mugs especially for Bee Charmer Honey. Yes, Bee Charmer Honey has a potter, but we wanted our logo perfectly placed on some of our earthenware, a unique skill developed long ago by the founder of Deneen Pottery. So we can't take credit for making these awesome mugs, but we can certainly enjoy them every morning. And we do.

Try some infused honey in your coffee or tea...another awesome offering brought to you by our honeybees.

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