Board Butter (100% Natural Wood Conditioner)

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Board Butter - 100% Natural Wood Conditioner

Bee Culinary.  

Safe for use on food prep surfaces such as butcher blocks, cutting boards, wood kitchen utensils and wood counter tops.

No mineral oil or petroleum-based ingredients.  Made with unbleached beeswax from our sustainable managed hives, organic coconut and sunflower oil.

Application:  Spread evenly over desired surface and let it soak in (preferably overnight).  Wipe off excess.   

Note:  This product is safe for skin contact and we love it because it conditions your hands!  Use the heat of your fingertips to push down and melt or break the butter and scoop out.  Use your hands to spread it evenly, or apply with a tea towel (or an old t-shirt) if you don't want it on your hands.  A little goes a long way.  Store at room temperature. 

Each jar holds 6 oz jar (170g).  

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