Facial Soap


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Gentle, all-natural soap for facial care. 

Bee Charmer Honey offers a variety of hand crafted soap made in small batches just for your face.  We use natural ingredients to make soap, such as: aloe vera, activated charcoal, avocado oil, beeswax, goat milk, hemp seed oil, finely ground oatmeal, olive oil, organic and sustainably harvested palm oil, raw honey, and shea butter. Our soaps are crafted in the U.S.A and never tested on animals. We hope you’ll enjoy your journey through the squeaky-clean world of natural soap, and also the visible and radiant results of clean and healthy skin.

Aloe Calendula soap is gentle enough for a newborn's skin.  The aloe vera calms and soothes skin, while calendula is great for rashes and skin irritations of any kind.  This soap is completely unscented and the #1 pick for a newborn’s delicate skin. 

Beau Visage is made with hemp seed oil that helps skin retain moisture, and pure essential oils of lavender and rosemary are said to offer antibacterial qualities.  Crushed lavender and rosemary offer gentle exfoliation.  Great for all skin types, and very helpful with mild to moderate skin irritations and breakouts.

We now offer three options for soaps containing activated charcoal (Coal Miner), which has made notable improvements in acne-prone skin.

Coal Miner is made with loads of activated charcoal for skin that breaks out easily.  It offers serious deep cleaning with soothing hemp oil to help skin feel super clean, but not tight after washing. Great for all skin types.  This soap is fragrance free and the activated charcoal has been documented to help other skin conditions, as well.  Search online for more information on the skin benefits of using activated charcoal soap.  

Coal Miner Lavender - same great formula above only we added lavender essential oil for even better anti-bacterial properties...plus lavender smells amazing and is very calming.  

Coal Miner Peppermint Tea Tree - same great formula above only we added peppermint and tea tree essential oil for even better anti-bacterial properties...this one has a minty/tea tree fragrance and will wake you up in the morning.  

Goats & Oats - If you are struggling with skin conditions, take a second look at this one. It's totally unscented, but loaded with soothing and exfoliating oatmeal and goatsmilk.  Great for poison ivy, itchy and dry skin.  This also makes a great facial bar. 

Goats & Oats Lavender - Same great formula as above, only we added lavender essential oil to it for the anti-bacterial properties it adds.  This also makes a great facial bar, especially for acne. Lavender essential oil has been noted for soothing more extreme skin conditions.  Search online for more information on the skin benefits of using lavender essential oil soap.  

Super Shea is loaded with shea butter and is totally unscented.  Shea Butter moisturizes deeply without clogging pores or leaving an oily coating on your skin. Shea butter also offers natural UV protection (though we don't suggest throwing out your sun screen!) and helps fight irritating skin conditions.  This soap is great for any kind of troubled skin.  

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