Habanero Infused Raw Honey


7 ounce glass jar

Habanero Infused Raw Honey is made with fiery little habanero peppers that are not only a culinary delight but healthy, too.  Most of the medicinal properties of habaneros are due to capsaicin, which is said to do many miraculous things medicinally. Capsaicin has been known to trigger endorphins, improve digestion, lower triglycerides, improve circulation, lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, prevents blood clots and heart disease.

Suggested uses for our Habanero Raw Honey - Drizzle over meats and cheese, use in marinates and grilled meats. But be warned, it’s sweet, but not for the faint of heart...it’s HOT!  

Bee Charmer Honey infusions do not claim to offer medicinal treatment of any kind.  We recommend consulting your physician if you are having health issues.