Lavender Infused Raw Honey


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7 ounce glass jar

Lavender Infused Raw Honey is ridiculously good drizzled over crackers with aged cheese and smoked meats (I cannot encourage you enough to try this. Yes, it’s that good!).  Then pair this cracker combination with red wine.  Lavender honey pairs beautifully with red wine, every time! 

Also used to sweeten hot or cold tea, lavender is a favorite for its flavor, aroma, and also its healing, stress-relieving properties. Try it on a biscuit or English muffin for breakfast! Or slip some into your favorite vanilla cupcake or cookie recipe.  Try adding a teaspoon of lavender honey to a cup of hot green tea! 

Bee Charmer Honey infusions do not claim to offer medicinal treatment of any kind.  We recommend consulting your physician if you are having health issues.